Welcome To Eagle Claw Online

Thank you for joining the worlds first online Eagle Claw Kung Fu trainng program. 

My name is Julian Dale and for the past 36 years, I have been practising Traditional Chinese Martial arts, studying both internal and external Chinese arts.

I have been honoured to be the first and only westerner to be accepted as a family lineage disciple in the Eagle Claw founding village in Hebei province, China. 

My area of speciality is the Eagle Claw Kung Fu system known as Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan, and it is this system that I am passionately dedicated to in both my own learning but also passing on the ancient skills of our past Masters

What is Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Eagle Claw is one of the most famous styles from Northern China, dating back to the Sung Dynasty and originating as a military system. 

Its unique skill set can be found in the Eagle Claw hands. 

The system is very fast, quick and agile. It uses multiple striking and kicking combinations, but is famous for its fearsome seizing, locking and throwing techniques. 

In China there is an ancient saying: 

" When Eagle Claw hands cross, there is no escape! "

How It Works

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