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Welcome to the Eagle Claw Kung Fu Foundation Training Program

Taught by Shifu Julian Dale (Dao Zhi Hong) 6th Generation lineage holder from the founding village of Eagle Claw in North China

Thank you for joining this world's first online Eagle Claw Kung Fu training program. My name is Julian Dale and for the past 36 years, I have been practising Traditional Chinese Martial arts, studying both internal and external Chinese arts I specialise in the Eagle Claw system known as Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Quan

This course covers the essential foundation training for Northern Chinese Eagle Claw Kung Fu. 

There are 45 detailed instructional videos contained in this course for you to study divided into six sections:

  • Eagle Claw Warm ups 
  • 10 stances
  • 11 kicks
  • 14 hand striking seizing and catching skills,
  • Key shapes and details for each hand position
  • Essential strength and conditioning exercises for eagle claw 
  • Nei Gong Qi Gong for Internal power and strength

Each video lesson is shown in slow motion (as well as performed at normal speed) and demonstrated from different angles.

There are guidance notes provided covering many of the skills learned

About Your Instructor

My name is Julian Dale and I started learning Chinese Martial Arts at age 17 in the UK. 

I travelled to Hong Kong at the age of 20 to further my studies of Kung Fu. 

During my time in China I've had the good fortune to meet many great teachers of Chinese Martial Arts.

I specialise in the Northern Chinese Eagle Claw Kung Fu System known as Ying Zhao Fan Tzi Mun, which I have studied since 1994.

My studies started within the Hong Kong branch of Eagle Claw before I travelled into China to research the roots of the system at it's birthplace in Hebei province North China. 

This is where I now continue to learn, direct from the source. I am the first and only westerner to be accepted as a family 6th generation lineage disciple within the founding village of Eagle Claw called Gu ZhuangTo in Xiongxian Hebei China and follow my teacher Master Chen Jun Xin

I am lifetime member of of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association, certified International Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Association Hangzhou China, and in the family record books for Eagle Claw in the founding village

Over the years I have featured on various TV programs including Chanel 5 Jackie Chan documentary, BBC1, BBC2 Rise of Martial Arts in England, Lead Presenter on Fists of The Dragons Documentary, 

I have also published books on Eagle Claw, Instructional DVD on Qi Gong, 

My goal is to share this ancient and traditional martial arts with many new practioners and students  using the power of modern technology.

Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at people who are new to Kung Fu (but will also benefit existing practitioners of martial arts).

The 45 lessons inside cover the key details and explanations for understanding the foundation of the Eagle Claw style. 

I've made sure each lesson is broken down into easily understood elements. Working through the course and following the training will help the student appreciate this unique martial art.

This is first time Eagle Claw Kung Fu has been taught online and I'm excited to see how it will help people around the world learn authentic Chinese martial arts

I am very happy to help anyone who wishes to pursue a sincere journey learning our family Eagle Claw Kung Fu system

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me at the following email or visit our website

See you on the inside

Shifu Julian Dale

How It Works

  • Learn authentic Eagle Claw Kung Fu

  • Instant Access To 45 Detailed Videos Plus Course Notes

  • Watch on any device at any time, phone, tablet or laptop

  • Learn from an expert instructor with over 36 years experience

What Other People Say About Our Courses

Amazing Instructor

Andy B

One of the finest schools of martial arts it’s been my pleasure to have been involved with, led and inspired by Sifu Dale who continues to inspire me today

Outstanding Kung Fu

Trev B

Sifu Dale is an outstanding Kung Fu Master and I'm very happy to see the school still going strong for so many years! Highly recommended

In-depth martial arts

Marcel W

The most in-depth martial arts training I have ever experienced. Improves cognition, mind-body balance as well as physical combat. It is a clear process but here is a place where you will learn to train like a master.

Whats Inside The Course

  • 1

    Eagle Claw Kung Fu System

    • Promo Kung Fu Trailer

    • Welcome & Intro

  • 2

    Warm Up Exercises

    • Body warm up exercise

  • 3

    Eagle Claw Strength Training Methods

    • Copy of Strength Training Iron Finger Exercise

    • Copy of Strength Exercise Pole 1

    • Copy of Strength Exercise Pole 2

    • Copy of Strength Training Seizing/Catching Bag exercise

    • Copy of Strength Training Ying Zhao Li Fa

    • Copy of Strength Training Cotton Palm Bag Striking

    • Copy of Strength Training - Eagle Claw Hand Methods on Mu Yan Zhong

  • 4

    10 Kicking Methods

    • Copy of Kick 1 Zheng Ti Tui

    • Copy of Kick 2 Cun Tui

    • Copy of Kick 3 Deng Tui

    • Copy of Kick 4 Tan Tui

    • Copy of Kick 5 Wai Bai Tui Outside Crescent Kick

    • Copy of Kick 6 Li He Tui

    • Copy of Kick 7 Pin Tui

    • Copy of Kick 8 Pi Jiao

    • Copy of Kick 9 Shun Feng Tui

    • Copy of Kick 10 Chao Tui

    • Copy of Kick Combination - Beng Quan Deng Tui - Cun Zhang Tan Tui

  • 5

    10 Stance Methods

    • Copy of Stance 1 Ma Bu

    • Copy of Stance 2 Gong Bu

    • Copy of Stance 3 Ding Bu

    • Copy of Stance 4 Xue Bu

    • Copy of Stance 5 Ti Bu

    • Copy of Stance 6 Pu Bu

    • Copy of Stance 7 Huo Tao Bu

    • Copy of Stance 8 Zhuo Pun / Xie Bu

    • Copy of Stance 9 Tao Bu Pu Bu

    • Copy of Stance 10 Jin Bu

  • 6

    10 Hand Techniques

    • Copy of Hand Technique Diao Shou

    • Copy of Hand Drill Basic Beng Quan

    • Copy of Hand Drill Basic Yi Jie Quan

    • Copy of Hand drill Basic Fan Quan

    • Copy of Hand Drill Basic Combination Lian Quan

    • Copy of Hand Drill 1 Kua Da

    • Copy of Hand Drill 2 Tiao Da

    • Copy of Hand Drill 3 Qie Zhang

    • Copy of Hand Drill 4 Wai Qin Shou

    • Copy of Hand Drill 5 Ya Da

    • Copy of Hand Drill 6 Shun Feng Sao Ye

    • Copy of Hand Drill 7 Shuai Quan

    • Copy of Hand Drill 8 Goi Ma San Quan

    • Copy of Hand Drill 9 Ying Zhao Li Zhao Fa slow

    • Copy of Hand Drill 9.1 Ying Zhao Li Zhao Fa fast

    • Copy of Hand Drill 10 Bao Yue

  • 7

    Nei Gong

    • Copy of Nei Gong 1

    • Copy of Nei Gong 2

  • 8

    Tutorial Notes

    • Eagle Claw Kung Fu Online Data sheets